Tips for my Summer Brides! by Alice Lawrence and Graubard Miller

Hello and salutations my beautiful summer brides to be! As summer brides we have a particular problem, mainly it has to do with the season we’ve chosen to wed AMIRIGHT? Okay one main question to as yourself,

  1. Is it all outdoors ceremony and reception? or is it an indoor-outdoor ordeal?

Whatever the answer, being prepared is a must especially when dealing with the forces of nature.

TIP #1. Remember the saying, “Summer rains, you can never predict them.” Well it’s true to plan for EVERYTHING. If you’re going to be outside tent everything.

TIP# 2. Rent A/C units. Your guests have traveled a long way to attend your wedding dearies, make sure they aren’t melting. NOTE: Plan cooling units and fans near areas of congregation like dance floor, bars, etc. ALSO test the A/C’s and fans at the warehouse to make sure they aren’t too noisy.

TIP# 3. You’re an amazing host, and the bride wants the reception in the sunlight, so be sure to provide sunscreen to your gracious guests. I mean unless they wanted to tan, their choice.

TIP# 4. Don’t burn your guests! Metal, or metal plated chairs, though very pretty will burn your guests butts! Natural wood, chairs only for summer weddings, only!

TIP# 5. Store your wedding flowers in a HUGE refrigerator. Your venue should have a cool room that can hold large floral arrangements. just ask, or else your beautiful budding wedding could look haggard!

TIP# 6. Stay away from light creams in ANYTHING! Mousse, butter cream, creme fraise, etc. Even the most experience caterer can’t combat what heat does to creams. Instead go for light and flavorful dishes with fruit, cold seafood, gazpacho etc.

Anyways that’s it for me beauties, if you have any other suggestions of your own from past experiences, sharing is caring, and secrets have no friends!


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